Industrial Access Solutions

The Industrial Abseil Experts


All enrolment forms and associated documentation must be received prior to the commencement of the training course.

Candidates failing to provided the required documentation shall not be permitted to commence training

Course Fees

Course fees are payable in full prior to the commencement of the training course.

Candidates failing to pay course fees in full shall not be permitted to commence training.

Course fees are transferable. Should you not be able to attend the course on your specified date please contact us immediately to arrange transfer to another date.


Fees are transferable and maybe used for enrolment in a course at a later date provided space is available

Transfer of course fee requests for reasons other than illness or injury, must be made in writing at least 3-business days prior to commencement of the training course

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations must be made in writing 14 days prior to the commencement of the training course.

Candidates who fail to provide written notice of cancelation within 14 days, shall forfeit their course fees and be offered a transfer of course fee to be used at a later date.

All cancellations shall incur a cancelation fee of $350.00

Full refunds shall be considered on compassionate grounds and on a case-by-case basis, at Industrial Access Solutions Ltd.’s sole discretion

In the event of Industrial Access Solutions Ltd cancelling a course, candidates shall be offered either a full refund or a position on a later training course


Candidates are required to under IRATA TACS to complete 4 days training prior to assessment.

Candidates who fail to attend all 4 training days of the training course shall not be permitted to complete their assessment.

Candidates who fail to attend the 1st day of the training course and who fail to notify Industrial Access Solutions Ltd of their non attendance shall forfeit all training course fees

Candidate fitness

Candidates are required to complete a medical declaration, disclosing any physiological or physiological conditions, which may impede their ability to complete the training course safely.

Industrial Access Solutions Ltd reserves the right to remove any candidate at anytime, from participating in a training course who displays physiological or physiological conditions which pose a risk of harm to themselves or other candidates.

Any full or part refund or transfer of course fees, for candidates who have been removed from a training course due to a pre-existing, undeclared physiological or physiological condition shall be at the discretion of Industrial Access Solutions Ltd.

Where Industrial Access Solutions Ltd permits a transfer of course fees, the candidates transfer to a course at a later date shall be subject to the provision of a medical certificate from a General Practioner or Specialist clearing them to undertake the training.


All assessments are undertaken by an independent, IRATA qualified assessor. All disputes regarding the assessment must be directed towards IRATA International

Industrial Access Solutions ltd shall provide information and support to candidates wishing to raise a dispute regarding their assessment with IRATA International.

I.A Solutions Ltd IRATA rope access training courses are structured to culminate in a Friday assessment. Due to the low number and high demand for Australasian based IRATA assessors, assessments maybe held on the Saturday. Where a Saturday assessment is unavoidable, I.A Solutions Ltd shall notify candidates at the earliest opportunity.


Candidates who fail their assessment are invited to attend future IRATA training courses, availability of course space permitting.

Further training is provided free of charge however a reassessment fee of $750.00 incl. GST is payable to cover independent assessment and IRATA certification costs.

Complaints and Disputes

Complaints regarding the delivery of training by Industrial Access Solutions Ltd must be made in writing with in 14 days of the completion of the course

All written complaints received within the 14-day period shall be investigated as per Industrial Access Solutions Ltd dispute resolution and investigation procedures

Where the quality of training delivered by Industrial Access Solutions Ltd and its Instructors is found to have directly resulted in the failure of a candidate to successfully complete their assessment, reassessment and additional training maybe offered at no additional cost to the candidate. In exceptional cases a candidate maybe offered a refund of training fees.