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Singing Rock Body 2 Speed

$192.25 incl GST

Fully adjustable fall arrest harness – with three SPEED buckles

Weight: 1025 g • 36.2 oz [size S/M/L]; 1090 g • 38.5 oz [size XL/XXL] (± 15 g • 0.5 oz)
Color: yellow with grey; black
Size: (Size 1)S/M/L and (Size 2) XL/XXL



Fully adjustable fall arrest harness – with three SPEED buckles

  • SPEED buckles on the leg loops for easy putting the harness on
  • two fall arrest attachment points (EN 361)
  • compact and light-weight
  • intended for working in places with the risk of fall
  • suitable for horizontal or inclined space, also allows temporary hanging in
  • flat rear attachment point does not affect comfort when wearing the backpack
    or breathing apparatus
  • two gear loops with max. load 5 kg
  • easy to adjust, easy put on and off
  • webbing stitched in the buckle simplifies handling
  • shoulder and leg loops webbings are color distinguished for easy manipulation
  • different color of rear triangle for each size (S/M/L – grey, XL/XXL – yellow)
  • two sizes fit whole size range from 140 to 210 cm
  • suitable for combination with positioning belt POLE II 
  • suitable also for rope courses and adventure parks

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