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To pass your assessment you’ll need to complete each manoeuvre or scenario requested by your assessor in a timely, competent manner.

You also need to be aware that an IRATA rope access course is not a ‘participate and you pass’ affair. It is like sitting your driving licence, if you make too many mistakes, take too long or fail to complete the assigned and requested manoeuvres you won’t pass your assessment.

You may fail your assessment by –

  • Failing to complete a scenario or manoeuvre as instructed by your assessor
  • Excessive time to complete a scenario or manoeuvre
  • Committing three minor discrepancies (acts which compromise the safety of yourself or others) e.g. failing to lock a karabiner
  • Committing one major discrepancy (a critical safety issue which place yourself or others at risk) e.g. one point of contact

Major and minor discrepancies will be explained to you by your assessor prior to the assessment and your trainers will also constantlly drill you on them as we progress through the training.