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No, provided your certification has not been expired for longer than 6 months you can regain your current level.

You’ll need to complete a 2 day refresher training course before booking yourself in for recerification training. Once you’ve successfully completed your 5 day training and assessment, you’re good to go.

There’s a little more to it if you have the required hours and are planning on moving up a level.

Firstly you’ll need to obtain a reference from the IRATA training company with whom you completed your previous IRATA certification. You’ll then need to successfully complete 4 days training and 1 day assessment for the level you held previously i.e. level 1 or 2 and obtain a “Good” standard.

Once you’re back in the saddle, you’ll need to complete an additional 150 logged hours and 3 months experience at your current level before you can untertake an IRATA training course at a higher level.