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12 months ago I.A Solutions became the 1st ever New Zealand IRATA Operations and Training member company. Sure we’ve had the Aussie owned subsidiaries in and out over the last few years, but until 2017 New Zealand had never had an IRATA member company to call its own.

As it turns out we weren’t to remain a lone voice for long, with the New Zealand membership doubling in size almost simultaneously and the IRATA New Zealand flag flying proudly in Christchurch.

I.A Solutions set out with the goal of ensuring New Zealand had a genuine voice within IRATA and to present a true a kiwi perspective on the international stage.

We’ve been punching well above our weight to ensure kiwi representation and recognition within IRATA at the highest level. I.A Solutions championed the rebranding of the Australian Regional Advisory Committee to ensure it accurately reflected the reality of membership outside of Australia.

Our other driver for IRATA membership, was to shake up the status quo and bring some long overdue competition to the IRATA training scene.

We decided to put rope technicians first by offering superior training at an affordable price. I think its safe to say we’ve delivered, with a 90% pass rate for the year and our competitors being forced to significantly up their game.

As 2018 beckons so do new challenges.

I.A Solutions is the proud host of the soon to be rebranded Australian Regional Advisory Committee AGM, which will see representatives from every Australian and New Zealand IRATA member company descend on Wellington for 2 days.

We’ll continue to represent at the AGM and we’ll be seeking to push through changes to ensure the continued growth of IRATA and rope access within New Zealand

We’ll also be constantly improving our training and training venue to ensure technicians get the best training possible and gain the skills they need to work safely and efficiently.

I.A Solutions doesn’t collect association logo’s, we’re not interested in an alphabet soup of training schemes and certifications we can’t deliver. We’ll be maintaining a firm focus on IRATA training because we know what keeps technicians employed and we know what keeps technicians safe.

Lastly we’d like to thank all those who trained with us, who supported us and who worked with us in 2017. We wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a safe and happy new year.

See you in 2018!!